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Very Thorough!

As an adult, I was terrified to get braces, but Dr. Ritchey and his staff were very thorough in explaining all of the options to me when I went for a consultation. I did end up choosing the traditional metal braces, and I am so glad that I did! Although I felt like a teenager with ‘metal-mouth’, they really were the best option for me, as I am pretty certain that I wouldn’t have been able to stick with Invisalign enough to have my teeth straight in the same amount of time as the metal. Dr. Ritchey and his staff were wonderful to work with, always answering my questions and addressing my concerns at each adjustment. My teeth look fantastic and I am so glad that I chose Ritchey Orthodontics! Thanks Dr. Ritchey and the staff at Ritchey Orthodontics!

Highly Recommended

You will never find a more personable and professional orthodontist than Dr. Red, he is simply the best! He has completed work on me and most of my family and we have nothing but positive feedback and kind words for him and his amazing staff. He always goes above and beyond to provide for his patients, and sincerely cares for each and every one of them. I would highly recommend him to anyone; I only wish I could give more than 5 stars on this review! Thanks again for everything Dr. Red!

Jamie B.

Best Orthodontist Around!

What I like most about R&R is that I can schedule with either doctor and feel confident that the care we receive will be consistent and thorough. Dr. Ritchey and Dr. Red’s treatment styles compliment each other so well, it’s no surprise that they combined their practices so successfully. We have had 4 of our family in braces over the last 10 years and have seen each Dr. and staff both separately and together after their merger and have been very happy with our care and results. Their offices are well appointed, clean and comfortable. The great staff that they brought together in their merger speaks to the character of the Dr.’s, they must have a lot of fun working together. I really like that they participate in their communities. Keep it Up, Red & Ritchey Orthodontics!!

Outstanding Service!!

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Ritchey for years. This was the first time at the New Lenox location. Outstanding customer service as soon as you walk in to the office, quick call back to a chair, and the staff was very professional and knowledgeable. This location is easy to get to and in a very convenient location. I would definitely travel the 25 minutes to go there again!

Emily H.

Couldn't Ask for Anything Better

Red and Ritchey Orthodontics is one of the best!! I can put all of my trust into Dr Red and Dr Ritchey with everything they do for me. They are both very good orthodontist!! Dr Red And Dr Ritchey are both very kind and helpful people. Their staff is also very helpful and excellent workers. Such a family, friendly oriented place. They make sure to leave you with the best results !! 😀

Emily H.

Welcoming and Happy Environment

I have known Dr. Red for many years and both my daughter and I have been longtime patients. Both of us are always getting compliments on how beautiful our teeth are! I proudly recommend Dr. Red and Ritchey Orthodontics! I’ve referred him to many friends and family and they too were very happy with the end results. The staff and Dr. Red are always so welcoming and it’s just a happy environment to be in! Dr. Red is not only an excellent Orthodontist but in the process of giving us beautiful teeth, he became a person we can also call friend!

Ruby D.

Fun & Compassionate

Most kids would be scared to go to the orthodontist. Dr. Red and his staff make going to the orthodontist fun. They have yummy cookies for their patients. They decorate the office according to the holidays. They are friendly and compassionate. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Emily H.


Have been coming here for a couple years now and always such a great experience, friendly staff, and such a happy environment! Very well educated with great humor! Recommended!!

The Sztapka's

Thanks guys!

Today was my first time at Red & Richey’s and my experience was wonderful!! Dr. Ritchey and his staff were both helpful and kind. I was able to get looked at right away and at an affordable cost. Thanks guys!!

Awesome place to go

Awesome place to go, the staff was very nice, they were even giving out slushies to some of the kids. Definitely family oriented and care about their people, not just their teeth. 😁 I would highly recommend Red & Ritchey Orthodontics. They really earn their 5 STAR RATINGS.

Thanks Dr. Ritchey & Staff!

I decided to straighten my teeth at nearly 40 years old, which was terrifying. Dr. Ritchey and his staff were wonderful through the entire process. The consultation was very thorough, they answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. Dr. Ritchey was able to offer me a few options, but I chose traditional metal for the 10-12 month treatment time. The staff was awesome, they always took the time to explain to me what would be happening at that appointment. They were always friendly & fun, since my adjustments were generally early in the morning, this made for a great start to my day! I am so glad that I had braces as an adult, my teeth look fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with Ritchey Orthodontics. Thanks Dr. Ritchey & Staff!

Dr. Red is the best orthodontist around!

Dr. Red is the best orthodontist around! I would highly recommend anyone to go to him to get their teeth fixed! I had some really messed up teeth and he fixed them with no problem! He is the nicest man and highly recommend you guys go to him! Thanks dr. red for everything you do!

Lillian P.

Highly recommend

I love this orthodontics! I’ve been coming here since 1997 and my son and family members also come here! Professional staff and awesome work! Highly recommend this orthodontic.

Yvette F.

GREAT orthodontist!!

Dr.Red is the absolute BEST!! He did miracles with my teeth, you would not believe it! He is smart and funny, as well as a GREAT orthodontist!!

Makenna E.

Dr. Red is a remarkable orthodontist!

Dr. Red is a remarkable orthodontist! Not only does he have substantial skill in this field, but he and his assistants are extremely friendly and accommodating. My experience here as been nothing less than amazing and I love my teeth now. I highly recommend Red and Ritchey Orthodontics as the place to go!!!

Claire B.

I highly recommend this office

I’ve been with Dr. Red for 6-7 years now — he and his staff have always been fantastic! They’ve guided me through a perfect treatment plan and have been readily available for questions and consultation. My teeth are much better now and the entire process has been easier than I expected thanks to Dr. Red! I highly recommend his office.

Anthony M.

More than just a patient

Dr. Red is always so great to go to an appointment.I went over a year without visiting and he still remembered everything about me. You are more than just a patient there.

Alicia H.

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