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​​Titanium has proven to be the most biocompatible metal to use in the dental and orthodontic industries. Titanium offers the perfect solution for a biocompatible and holistic orthodontic system. We can replace the common nickel-titanium and stainless steel archwires with titanium orthodontic wires.

These are a few of the reasons many people prefer this holistic orthodontics treatment over traditional methods:

  • Titanium offers durability, flexibility, strength, and resistance to corrosion. The use of this metal is widespread in the medical and sports industries.
  • Archwires made with titanium offer unique stored energy that delivers continuous, sustained forces to move the teeth into position gently.
  • This metal is biocompatible and made from the same materials used for a variety of medical devices.
  • Brackets and buccal tubes made with titanium provide precise pressure over the course of the treatment.
  • Some patients experience allergic reactions from heavy metals, but titanium decreases the likelihood of reactions. We offer biocompatible materials, thermos-framed plastic retainers, and even gluten-free retainers if needed.
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