Highly Recommended

You will never find a more personable and professional orthodontist than Dr. Red, he is simply the best! He has completed work on me and most of my family and we have nothing but positive feedback and kind words for him and his amazing staff. He always goes above and beyond to provide for his patients, and sincerely cares for each and every one of them. I would highly recommend him to anyone; I only wish I could give more than 5 stars on this review! Thanks again for everything Dr. Red!

Welcoming and Happy Environment

Welcoming and Happy Environment

I have known Dr. Red for many years and both my daughter and I have been longtime patients. Both of us are always getting compliments on how beautiful our teeth are! I proudly recommend Dr. Red and Ritchey Orthodontics! I've referred him to many friends and family and they too were very happy with the end results. The staff and Dr. Red are always so welcoming and it's just a happy environment to be in! Dr. Red is not only an excellent Orthodontist but in the process of giving us beautiful teeth, he became a person we can also call friend!

Best Orthodontist Around!

Dr. Red is the best orthodontist around! I would highly recommend anyone to go to him to get their teeth fixed! I had some really messed up teeth and he fixed them with no problem! He is the nicest man and highly recommend you guys go to him! Thanks dr. red for everything you do!

Fun & Compassionate

Most kids would be scared to go to the orthodontist. Dr. Red and his staff make going to the orthodontist fun. They have yummy cookies for their patients. They decorate the office according to the holidays. They are friendly and compassionate. Wouldn't go anywhere else.